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BRRE handles complex-commercial cases in both federal and state courts as well as arbitrations. We understand and appreciate that our clients value strategies aimed at obtaining favorable results efficiently. We help entrepreneurs and companies navigate disputes in the following areas:

Commercial Litigation

Business-Relationship Disputes

Disputes between business partners can take many forms and their resolution depends, in part, on the operating agreements between them. Our approach is to ensure that all of the options for conflict resolution are explored. Business divorces, as they are sometimes called, can be acrimonious and costly to resolve. We provide reasonable, effective advice with the goal of seeking common ground to minimize the costs. When a client is faced with an intractable situation, we identify and exploit any legal advantages available.

Contract Disputes and Business Torts

We have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in disputes related to contract interpretation, fraud, fraudulent misrepresentation, civil theft, collections, judgment enforcement, the Uniform Commercial Code, warranties, tortious interference, products-liability defense, commercial loans, and other business actions.

Real Estate Disputes

Real-estate development is one of South Florida’s most prominent industries and the cycles of growth and stagnation have spawned countless lawsuits. Navigating disputes related to real-estate development requires a nuanced understanding of the business objectives underlying the real estate transactions. We also handle evictions and unlawful detainer of property, boundary disputes, and zoning issues.

Insurance Disputes

We have handled disputes involving insurance coverage, amounts of loss, bad faith, and other disputes related to the interpretation and enforcement of insurance policies.


We have litigated issues related to the appointment of receivers to protect property and other assets. This complicated area of law requires strategic considerations to prevent the cost of the receivership from spiraling out of control.

Other Areas of Experience in Commercial Matters

  • Civil Appeals
  • Civil-Forfeiture Proceedings
  • Collections
  • Construction Litigation
  • Employment/Non-competition agreements
  • Professional Malpractice
  • Theft of Trade Secrets
  • Trademark-Infringement Litigation

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