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Javier A. Reyes is Published in CABA Briefs, the publication of the Cuban American Bar Association.

Mr. Reyes and his wife, Vivian M. Reyes, Esq., co-wrote and article on the plight of undocumented immigrants who apply to the Florida Bar. The article highlights the difficult questions the Florida Bar faces when undocumented individuals summon the courage to apply for admission to the Bar. The article discuss the fate of Jose Godinez-Sampedro, whose parents overstayed their visa and remained in the United States illegally. Mr. Godinez-Sampedro, a minor at the time, had the courage to pursue a legal education despite the fact that he was considered undocumented as a result of his parents actions. At the time of publication, the status of his application had not been determined. The Florida Supreme Court ultimately ruled against Mr. Godinez-Sampedro’s admission, but in November 2014, Mr. Godinez-Samperio was sworn into the Florida Bar after lawmakers rewrote state law to allow an undocumented immigrant to practice law in the state.