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Armando Rosquete Quoted in Law360 Article Concerning Recent Changes to Florida’s RICO Statute

Armando Rosquete was interviewed in connection with Law360’s article, “Fla. Poised For RICO Crackdown With New Enforcement Tools,” addressing recent changes to Florida’s RICO statute.

Mr. Rosquete, a former federal prosecutor, noted that restitution may help victims feel more invested in the case and was quoted saying:

“Victims oftentimes are the main witnesses in the case,” Rosquete said. “If I feel more invested, I’m more likely to be cooperative and not just lose interest in the case. What’s the point of going through the whole process if at the end I’m going to be in the same place: out of money?”

The new provision brings state law into greater alignment with federal law, where a standalone statute requires restitution to victims, he said.

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